Soil Health

In today’s world, preserving soil health is paramount for the sustainability of our planet and the assurance of a consistent food supply. At Ajinomoto Agro Solutions, we are dedicated to pioneering biostimulants that not only enhance soil health but also foster sustainable agricultural practices. Through our extensive research, we have unveiled the prebiotic properties of biostimulants, revolutionizing the way we approach soil care.

Biostimulants – prebiotics for soil microorganisms

Much like prebiotics in our diets, biostimulants serve as prebiotics for soil microorganisms. These invaluable substances act as a nourishing source for soil microorganisms, fostering a thriving environment for beneficial microorganisms to flourish. By incorporating our biostimulants, you are effectively promoting the development of a robust community of soil microorganisms.

Our product increases the bacterial population by an 357%

The advantages of integrating biostimulants into your agricultural practices extend far beyond soil enrichment. Our products have been rigorously tested and proven to increase the bacterial population by an astounding 357%. This surge in bacteria enhances the absorption of essential micronutrients such as manganese, copper, boron, and zinc, significantly bolstering the nutritional quality of your soil and crops. Moreover, the heightened activity of enzymes linked to soil health and fertility translates into a remarkable 12% improvement in the Biological Index of Soil Fertility.

Elevated crop production and yield

The benefits of biostimulants don’t stop there. By fueling the growth of soil microbiota and enhancing soil health, our biostimulants usher in a new era of agricultural prosperity. As these substances provide a nourishing foundation for beneficial soil microorganisms, they lay the groundwork for robust plant growth, ultimately resulting in elevated crop production and yield.

In essence, biostimulants possess prebiotic properties that nurture the growth of beneficial soil microorganisms. Incorporating biostimulants into your agricultural practices not only enhances soil health but also improves soil and plant nutrition, boosting overall soil fertility. By embracing biostimulants, farmers can simultaneously augment crop production and yield while championing sustainable agricultural principles. Ajinomoto Agro Solutions remains unwavering in our commitment to developing biostimulants that fortify soil health and advance sustainable agriculture. Join us in this transformative journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.