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Plant-Derived Biostimulant

PEK for Enhanced Crop Resilience

Our Biostimulant leverages the power of an innovative and novel sources, sets PEK apart from other biostimulants on the market.

Discover the Natural Potency of Plant-Derived Biostimulant

Our biostimulant stands at the forefront of natural solutions, offering a rich concoction of amino acids, organic matter, and essential nutrients. Extensive research and field trials have demonstrated its unparalleled ability to kickstart seed germination, amplify vegetative growth, and significantly enhance crop production. This potent formulation marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable agriculture, leveraging the untapped power of nature resourses.

Main Benefits of PEK

Seed Germination 
& Seedling Development

Optimizes the initial stages of plant life, ensuring a strong start for seedlings.

Vegetative Growth Enhancement

Significantly boosts both above and below-ground growth, promoting healthier, more robust plants.

& Root Growth

A dual-action approach that nurtures the entire plant structure for balanced development.

Crop Production
& Quality

Elevates production metrics including brix and lycopene content, ensuring a higher percentage of market-ready produce


Equips plants to thrive under water stress, maintaining growth and development by mitigating stress indicators.

PEK Composition

Due to its natural raw materials characteristics, PEK is the unique combination of many active compounds which benefit to the yield and quality of crops.
01 Dry Matter
02 Organic Matter
03 Free Amino Acids
04 Nitrogen
05 Potassium
06 Phosphorus

Unlocking Plant Potential

The Science Behind Our Plant-Derived Biostimulant

Our biostimulant transcends traditional agricultural solutions by offering a multifaceted approach to plant growth and resilience. Rich in essential components such as potassium, amino acids, peptides, and organic matter, along with beneficial organic acids and sugars, it sets a new standard in crop care. Each element plays a crucial role in enhancing plant health, from stimulating growth to improving stress tolerance.

Beyond its impressive nutrient profile, this biostimulant embodies our commitment to environmental stewardship. Originating from nature resorurses, it exemplifies a sustainable cycle that minimizes waste and supports the circular economy. This contribute positively to our planet’s health.

Proven Results from Nature’s Solution: The Plant-Derived Biostimulant

Embrace the shift towards a more sustainable and productive future in agriculture.

Case Studies

Below, we detail the remarkable outcomes observed across various studies, 
highlighting the biostimulant’s efficacy:

Join the Sustainable Agriculture Movement

Become part of the global community that’s 
revolutionizing crop care with sustainability at its core. 
Choose PEK for healthier plants and a healthier planet